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Santa Visits Halstead

The Santa StareThe Santa StareSaturday, December12th, 2015 the Halstead Chamber hosted the Annual Community Christmas Jingle. The cold and dreary weather was not the ideal setting for the parade sponsored by Hutchinson Regional Medical Center but people came from...... read  and see more!

Halstead controls Independent for the Win 11!

WICHITA - Halstead’s plan - make Independent a one dimensional team by using a four man defensive line strategy forcing them to trow the & see more.

Eli McKeeEli McKee


Win 10!

Halstead- The Halstead Dragons took on Southeast of Saline on November 3rd. Halstead took control of the the game with a touch down on the starting drive..... Enjoy the 46-7 win..... Read & see more...

Win 8!

GARDEN PLAIN - A Football Battle of TWO Undefeated 7-0 Teams brought fans from two small Kansas communities together to witness one of the best football games in recent times!.......Read and see more...

Eli McKee Signals A Win!Eli McKee Signals A Win!

Win 5!

Halstead 64 - Sterling 6

An Excellent evening for the Dragons! Home Coming enjoyed ideal weather and stunting participates - representing Halstead High School. Congratulations to Elijah McKee and Kirsten Mueller, King & Queen.

Kirsten Mueler & Elijah McKeeKirsten Mueler & Elijah McKee


Learning Photography - Katelyn Boston

Kudos to Katelyn for learning about some bigger gear. Some of the images this week were shot by her. Good Job!

Katelyn BostonKatelyn Boston

 Enjoy - Home Coming Photojournal  Mobile

    GameSlide Show    Photojournal  Mobile

Win 4!

Halstead 42 - Smoky Valley 0

 The Dragons dominated the Vikings from start to finish. The Dragons have held their opponents to only 19 points so far this season. Averaging more than 40 points per game, the Dragons have their eyes set on a 3A championship, the first in HHS history.

This Friday the Dragons are at home, against a Sterling team that is off to a 3-1 start for the first time in more than seven seasons.

Enjoy the NEW Photo Journal

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Dragon Win Game 3Dragon Win Game 3

On A Roll - Dragons Beat Hesston - Second Win!

Dragon Football on a ROLL!Dragon Football on a ROLL!

Enjoy the Photo Journal Here

Alumni Football Game Fills The Stadium

Halstead Alumni Football Aug. 8th 2015Halstead Alumni Football Aug. 8th 2015The Blue vs. White Alumni Football Game on Aug. 6th filled the Halstead High School stadium with patrons excited to see past players in action, Dragon Style!

We have put together a Photo Gallery of images of the game. The first gallery is by Craig Sooter. Image sharing is available for other to display favorite images, just contact us.   Take Me To The Photos!

A Wildcat Band Day for Halstead

Louisiana Tech VS. K-State Football Game

“Well, there are a multitude of things. I think number one, the transfer quarterback that they have is getting ingrained in the system, and you can see him getting better and better in only two games, but you can see the improvements being made." Coach Bill Snyder.

It looks to be an exciting time in Manhattan on Saturday and the Halstead High School Marching Band will be part of that excitement at the Sudler Band Day at Kansas State University Sept. 19th. HHS Band Director Derrick Hibler will be on the field working with his members.

Read and see more...

Halstead High Band at K-State Band Day 2014Halstead High Band at K-State Band Day 2014



Because Community Matters

Think of your favorite grocery store, restaurant, butcher, hardware store, beauty salon or barber. We'll bet it's a homegrown business. Independent - locally-owned businesses are essential to a vital local economy and community character. They keep YOUR community alive.. They're owned by our friends and neighbors, or maybe even by you. Community-serving businesses are the backbone of local economies, civic life, local charities, and wealth creation for millions of citizens, as well as a training ground for future generations of entrepreneurs.


Problem: Today, independent businesses face unprecedented competition from larger chain competitors, internet merchants and franchises that enjoy national or international branding power and major economies of scale. As a result, community-based businesses comprise a smaller portion of our economy than ever before. We’ll lose much more than places to shop, dine or do business if we allow current trends to continue.


Buy Local

Shop Halstead First !


A Proven Solution: Many cities and towns have discovered a model, pioneered by the staff of the American Independent Business Alliance, to counter these trends successfully and help local entrepreneurs thrive. More than 85 communities in North America now boast Independent Business Alliances* to unite independent businesses across all sectors, along with concerned citizens to build vibrant, durable local economies.

For every $1 spent at a locally owned business, more than 68¢ remains in Harvey County. Only 43¢ spent at a national chains remains in the community. Most internet purchases return ZERO to Harvey County.